Sangama features namma golden star ganesh and sexy vedhika
Music composed by sri deviprasad, directed by revi verma.
Producer S.V. Babu says that although a love subject, Sangama gives importance to comedy .


Golden star Ganesh with Mumbai beauty Archana Gupta are paired up in 'Circus' .
70 percent of the shooting will be held in train says director Dayal
Shooting will be done in Mysore, Konkan, Sakleshpur, Subramanya, Madhurai and Changoti railway zones
'Circus' will be a romantic comedy thriller.


He started his career with "Guttu", a telefilm.
His first movie was chellata which gave him recognition as well as success that is needed for a new comer.
he paired with rekha in Chellata hear chellata songs

chellata was unusual hit and completed 100+ days.

This gave him a chance to get drenched in rain.
mega hit..block buster record breaker Mungaaru male.
this movie was directed by Yograj Bhat and the music scored by Mano Murthy.

Yograj bhat wanted a success after he had tasted a flop in ranga sslc, he made his mind to choose a new actress and it was time for debut of Sanjana Gandhi.
Another remarkable combination is manomurty, who had scored music for "america america". Jayant Kaikini, son of renowned writer late Gourish Kaikini. The film was mainly shot during the rainy season, especially in places like Madikeri, Sakaleshpura, Jog falls and Gadag.

records - Goldenstar ganesh

See this video for the records created by mungaru male

Ganesh paired up with rekha to give his thirs consecutive hit Hudugata which was released on June 8th, 2007.
'Cheluvina Chithara' which was released on June 22, 2007 was another blockbuster.
5th movie gaalipata was released on 18 jan 2008.
Ganesh's date are booked till end of 2008 with some 5-6 films already announced. His future projects include Aramane.


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